Dynamic Communication Solutions for Complex Interference Environments

Many mission critical wireless communications standards were defined as Single Input Single Output (SISO) systems and thus lack built in provisions for smart multiport (MIMO) antenna implementations and associated adaptive algorithms. In addition these systems are often narrow band, lack coding techniques and may implement non-coherent modulation. Yet these systems are increasingly overwhelmed by interference in the form of network congestion, secondary users, out of band induced receiver intermodulation products and intentional jamming. These systems may also operate in highly scattered environments that include multipath fading and Polarization Dependent Loss (PDL).

Eigen Wireless addresses these issues with technology based on newly patented antennas and adaptive polarization (AP) algorithms which provide backward compatible performance multiplication via:

  1. Interference mitigation and avoidance in shared Radar and commercial communications channels
  2. Dynamic co-channel spectrum access (DSA) and frequency reuse (FR) via dynamic cooperative, or autonomous, polarization and beamforming
  3. An additional, and often overlooked, measurement of polarization in the electromagnetic environment (EME) for situational awareness (SA)
  4. Multiport-transceiver (MIMO like) performance advantages for legacy single-port systems that lack channel coding and channel state awareness
  5. Unique, computationally efficient and optimal adaptive polarization algorithms applicable to coherent and non-coherent modulation systems
  6. Dual-polarized antenna arrays with low visual cross section and backward compatible vertical antenna form factors
Eigen Wireless is dedicated to improving mission critical communicaton systems through the integration of innovative algorithms and novel antenna designs.