Dynamic Communication Solutions for Complex Interference Environments

HM2402 Interceptor Mobile Antenna

HM2402 Interceptor Military, industrial and public safety wireless data networks are being deployed at an accelerating pace. As more of these systems are deployed and available frequencies are fully utilized, interference from adjacent networks and within your own network becomes a critical problem. Increasing wireless traffic induced interference can severely affect your operations by reducing efficiencies and increasing costs.

As all frequencies become overcrowded the network manager needs to utilize additional techniques. A powerful technique is Electromagnetic Polarization. It is used successfully at optical frequencies in 3D movie theaters around the world. Using 3D glasses with two cross polarized filters, viewers can see two independent images simultaneously utilizing the same electromagnetic frequency spectrum.

The vast majority of these over crowded systems are deployed with vertically polarized antennas. Why not double the available spectrum with a horizontally deployed network?

Multi-polarization techniques have been used for many years in Point-to-Point radio links and in fiber optic networks. Why has this not been done in mobile networks? The answer is simple; there were no acceptable horizontally polarized antennas. Some antennas claim to be multipolarized but they lack the required elevation above the vehicle roof to provide a horizontal electromagnetic component near the horizon.

Introducing the The Interceptor, a horizontally polarized ruged mobile antenna meeting the needs of military, public safety and industrial applications.
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